I cannot remember when I first started to be interested in photography but the wish to take pictures got me early on. However, I can perfectly remember when I first wanted to have my own camera and when I finally was able to buy myself a good one! It took quite a few years, and to me it seemed to take ages.

Afterwards it has all been a continuum: I have travelled, studied, seen, felt, observed, worked, enjoyed and learned quite a lot. The Spèos Photographic Institute in Paris gave me my first breath. In Barcelona, the Gris Art School fixed the desire and the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya determined the stimulus and aspiration. It was a long time that I had been hooked by photography, my universe was conspiring.

And then, that was it: I became a photographer by vocation, training and determination though I have worked in other fields. And now is when I feel more versatile and self taught than ever. I love capturing feelings, explaining things and facts with a single goal: the wish to feel. Photography has given me very good moments and has always kept me company.

I invite you to navigate through these pages with a wish: that you enjoy them and that some of the images speak to you.

*Special thanks to Angela and infinite thanks to Anabel!

Maricel Saball